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PAC Governance and Funding
Paccoin governance and funding decisions are made by the network, that is, by the owners of masternodes. The system allows masternodes to vote for or against proposals, which can then be implemented by $PAC developers.
During the month, anybody can make a budget proposal to the network. If that proposal is approved by at least 10% of the masternode network, then at the end of the month a series of "superblocks" will be created. At that time, the block rewards that were not paid out will be used to fund approved proposals. The network thus funds itself by reserving the percentage of the block reward for budget projects.

-- No $PAC coins are taken from MN or Mining rewards --
How to Open a new proposal
Open a new proposal using proposal.pachub.io

Enter details for your Proposal and click 'Create Proposal'. This will generate a command you can run in your local wallet to prepare the Proposal at a cost of 5000 PAC.

How to Vote on proposal

Each MasterNode Owner can vote on a proposal. (From masternode cold wallet)
To vote from paccoin-qt (graphical wallet), go to Tools > Debug console and paste the voting string displayed in the table or from the project website

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